Biggest Golf Tournaments

To better understand Professional World Golf, you need to know the rules of the game. You also need to know how to calculate points for the World Golf Rankings.

What tournaments?

World ranking points are available for major professional golf tournaments around the world as well as major championships, World Golf Championships, Olympic Games and World golf Cup* (*individual competitions only).

To date,19 golf Circuits are currently included in the OWGR system: Alps Tour Golf, Asian Tour, Big EasyTour, ChinaTour, European Tour, European ChallengeTour, Japan Golf Tour, Korean PGA tour, Mena Golf tour, Nordic Golf League, European PGA Tour, PGA Tour, Mackenzie Canada PGA Tour, PGA Tour China Series, Latinoamerica PGA Tour, Australasia PGA Tour, ProGolf Tour, Sunshine Tour and Tower.

Any player participating in any of these tournaments on the above circuits will receive world ranking points based on their ranking in the said tournament.

Team events of the Ryder Cup or President’s Cup type are excluded as they do not allow individual classification in these events. They do not pay any “world” points to the players taking part in them.

The player’s world ranking

Each player obtains his world ranking by accumulating points over a “slippery” period of two years. The points awarded for each tournament are fully maintained for 13 weeks to place more emphasis on recent performances.

After these 13 weeks, these points are reduced. The value will be reduced by 1/91 for the remaining 91 weeks of the limited two-year classification period.

Each player is ranked based on their total number of points earned in the past 24 months divided by the number of tournaments they have played. There is a minimum divisor of 40 tournaments during this two-year ranking period and a maximum divisor of one player’s last 52 tournaments.

The number of points earned by a player in a single OWGR tournament is related to his or her score in the tournament and the “strength” of the tournament. In other words, The points Earned depend on the level of the players ‘ Board. Now let’s find out how the strength of the field of players is evaluated.

The strength of the field of players

The strength of the field of players for each event is determined by adding the points of 2 values:

  1. The value World Rating
  2. The Home Rating

1) The World Rating value is based on the number of players in the world’s Top-200, playing the tournament. Using the grid below, a first point total is calculated by adding the points according to the rank of the participants in the tournament.

2) The Home Rating value is based on the number of players ranked among the top 30 in the world. To do this, OWGR uses the final standings (end of the season) and assigns a point value.

Home Rating = the number of points corresponding to the presence of the 30 best World players in this tournament: total maxi 75 points

One point grid per tournament. The number of points, allocated to a ranking position in a tournament is determined by the “structure of ranking points” column in which the total tournament field strength score is located.

By consulting the points allocation table, you will discover this points allocation table linked to the ranking of each tournament.

Vertically: 51 tournament categories per tranche of “player field strength”, from the weakest (MENA Tours 54 holes) to the strongest.